President reiterates invitation to the UN in face of the 6D elections

This Wednesday, the Venezuelan Head of State and Government, Nicolás Maduro, will ratify at the High Level Meeting on the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly, his invitation to the Secretary General of this Organization, Antonio Guterres, to send to Venezuela a technical commission of support and accompaniment facing the parliamentary elections of next December 6.

Regarding these elections, the President emphasized that all Venezuelans will exercise their right in peace, and that he hopes that a “pragmatic commission” of the United Nations will join the democratic day.

These words were addressed by President Nicolás Maduro in a videoconference with Bolivarian Governors and Protectors, held at the Miraflores Palace.

From there, he greeted the speeches of some of his colleagues in the 75th session of the United Nations, commenting that on Monday he was responsible for delivering his first speech to 193 countries that make up the UN.

He welcomed the speeches of several presidents such as the Chinese, Xi Jinping, from Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as those from South Africa and Turkey.

He ratified that “Venezuela is standing, the United Nations System can count on Venezuela standing, sovereign. We are going to the 25th election in 20 years”.

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