Cuba ratifies its solidarity with Venezuela at the UN General Assembly

The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, reiterated this Tuesday the solidarity of his country with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the face of attempts to destabilize and subvert the constitutional order of the South American nation.

“We want to publicly ratify in this virtual scenario that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will always count on the solidarity of Cuba in the face of attempts to destabilize and subvert the constitutional order, the civic-military union and destroy the work begun by Commander Hugo Chávez Frías and continued by President Nicolás Maduro Moros in favor of the Venezuelan people”, emphasized the Cuban president during his intervention in the General Debate of the 75th Period of Sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

In this sense, he rejected the claims of North American imperialism to “impose neocolonial domination of Our America, publicly declaring the validity of the Monroe Doctrine”, formulated by the United States almost two hundred years ago and frequently expressed in interventionist actions on Latin America, which contravenes, according to President Díaz-Canel, the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

Mutual support between Cuba and Venezuela was further strengthened thanks to the brotherhood between Commanders Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, leaders of the anti-imperialist struggle in the region, who focused on the protection of the people becoming an example of unity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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