Venezuela and Angola agree to foster brotherhood between their capitals

During a fruitful meeting this Tuesday between Joana Lina Ramos, governor of Luanda, capital of the Republic of Angola, and Marlon Peña Labrador, ambassador of Venezuela in said African country, they formalized agreements in order to promote the brotherhood of the capitals that constitute both nations.

During the important meeting, the Governor and the Venezuelan Ambassador highlighted the similarities between Caracas and Luanda, characterized by being the center of political power in their countries, in addition to having a high daily dynamism; this generates ideal conditions for the development of joint initiatives that contribute to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

On the other hand, they highlighted the leading role that these capitals have had in historical events of the struggle for their independence, in addition to other relevant events such as the birth of the father of the Angolan Nation, Antonio Agostinho Neto, and the Liberator Simón Bolívar in Caracas.

Luanda, was founded on January 25, 1576, by the Portuguese explorer Paulo Dias de Novais, has around 6.5 million inhabitants. This province is the main financial, commercial and economic center of Angola, and has been the administrative center of the country since 1627.

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