Venezuela is among the 18 countries with the most advanced apostille registry in the world

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been officially registered as one of the 18 countries with the most advanced electronic apostille registration component in the world, which represents a great advance in technological matters, reported the director of Consular Relations of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Eulalia Tabares.

According to the classification established by the Permanent Office of the Hague Conference, this places the Caribbean country at the maximum level of category three [advanced information] given that the Venezuelan electronic record, in addition to containing data from the apostille and the underlying public document, makes possible the digital verification of both, providing information about the electronic signature certificate, which gives the certainty that the uploaded public document is exactly the same as the apostille.

The electronic registry (e-Register) is unique for all apostilles generated in Venezuela through the Electronic Legalization and Apostille System, both for electronic ones and for those issued on paper.

It is necessary to emphasize that the Apostilles of Criminal Records and the Certificate of Data with consular effects of the National Institute of Land Transport (INTT), are the only ones that so far are managed electronically; the rest of the documents are still in the manual category in terms of processing, but can also be validated online.

The People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations launched this new system last year to guarantee the transparency of the apostille process.

On that occasion, the director Eulalia Tabares highlighted that the access weaknesses that the system had had been fully overcome after this update, so that Venezuelans abroad and in the country could manage their apostille in a more agile way and without intermediaries.

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