Venezuelan Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago takes the case of the young Venezuelan Stefani Flores

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, through its Foreign Ministry and diplomatic mission in Trinidad and Tobago, mobilized to provide all the support required to the young Venezuelan Stefani Flores Cedeño, brutally attacked with a knife on the morning of Tuesday 11 August, in the Caribbean country.

“Upon learning of the criminal aggression perpetrated against the young Venezuelan Stefani Flores, our consular personnel immediately mobilized to the General Hospital of San Fernando and made contact with the relatives of Stefani, who is fortunately stable”, reported the Embassy through a message on its Twitter account.

In another message, the diplomatic mission pointed out that both Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and the governor of the state Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, have been in charge of monitoring the case and the evolution of the health of the attacked young woman.

“Our appreciation to the Trinidad and Tobago police authorities for the prompt capture of the suspects in this abominable act, who are already at the order of justice”, he said.

The young Stefani Flores, 18, a native of Delta Amacuro, was attacked with a knife, causing several injuries, after subduing and abducting her in a car that served as a taxi, which she boarded to take a container with empanadas to her mother’s market stall in San Fernando, a busy town on the neighboring Caribbean island.

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