INAC organizes the Venezuela Aeronautical Webinar to report on plans to combat COVID-19

Following the guidelines of President Nicolás Maduro and the People’s Power Minister for Transport, Ing. Hipólito Abreu, to give impetus to the Gran Misión Transporte Venezuela, within the framework of the social quarantine implemented in the face of the pandemic, the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) will carry out, from this Tuesday, July 14 to next Thursday, 30 of the same month, the Venezuela Webinar on Aeronautical Matters, to report on the progress and current situation due to the contingency caused by COVID-19. These presentations will be aimed at the aeronautical community and the public interested in learning about the steps being taken by the Executive in this area.

Additionally, this special day will serve as a preamble for the formation and training of aeronautical personnel in the new measures that must be taken to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus in the activities of civil aviation, for which reason it is planned to expand and deepen new training programs for professionals in the sector.

In total, seven webinars will be broadcasted in which aeronautical specialists will speak on the impact that the pandemic has generated in the civil aviation industry, and especially on the action plans that President Maduro, Minister Abreu and the President of INAC, Col. Freddy Borges, have implemented to overcome the contingency.

The topics on which the INAC experts panel will deepen are: Sanitary Measures and CAPSCA’s action against COVID-19, led by Dr. Buenaventura Núñez; Biosecurity Protocols in Airport Facilities, by Inspectors Alexis Pulido, José Villaverde and Tany León; and Levels of affectation in the performance of aeronautical technical personnel and flight crews, before COVID-19.

Themes on COVID-19 Protocols for Air Operations, Forms of Action for Command Crew and Cabin Crew will also be presented by Inspectors Carlos González and Olga Expósito; Airworthiness Biosecurity Protocols, by Inspector Milagros Gómez and Operational Safety Risk Management in the face of the pandemic situation by COVID-19, analyzed by Inspector David Romero.

Likewise, Distance Education will be addressed as an alternative instructional strategy implemented by the University Institute of Civil Aeronautics. (Avr. Maj.) Miguel Rodríguez (IUAC) at the time of COVID-19, with a presentation by the Director of the institute, Dra. Doris Suárez.

Those who wish to participate in this webinar must register through the link: All presentations will be broadcast simultaneously and live through INAC Venezuela, on YouTube, and @inac_venezuela on the Instagram social network. Once the user successfully completes the registration, the system will send an email confirming the process along with the Link to view the webinar.

In this way, the Great Venezuela Transport Mission, through INAC, invites the entire national aeronautical community to participate in this important webinar day, to learn first-hand about the plans and progress made by the Bolivarian Government to overcome the pandemic in the Venezuelan civil aviation sector.

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