Cuba provides Venezuela with new medicines to treat COVID-19

As part of the bilateral cooperation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republic of Cuba provided the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuelan with two new medicines to treat COVID-19 patients.

One of the medicines is Jusvinza, a peptide developed in Cuba and used in COVID-19 patients in severe and critical stages that has proven effective in 78% to 92% of cases. This synthetized peptide is capable of curbing inflammation processes and reducing COVID-19 fatality, informed the Venezuelan Health Ministry.

The second medicine is intranasal interferon, a preventive medicine. Noteworthily, interferon prevents viruses to replicate, since they stimulate the production of molecules inhibiting viral replication, and activate other immune cells whose main function is to eliminate “bad” cells such as those infected by virus, bacterial cells or tumor cells.

This Cuba’s cooperation with the Bolivarian Government adds to the support of Cuban specialists, including comprehensive medical doctors, internists, intensivists, lab technicians, and epidemiologists, who were dispatched to the South American country to provide medical care to COVID-19 patients.

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