Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell extends congratulations to the Venezuelan people and government for the 209 years of independence

Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell sent a message of congratulations to the Venezuelan people on the celebration of the 209th anniversary of its independence.

Next the message:

Our warmest congratulations from the government and the people of Grenada and my own, to you, the government and the people of Venezuela, as they reach their 95th Anniversary of Independence this 2020.

Grenada and Venezuela established diplomatic relations in 1977 and our relations in the last forty-three years, I am pleased to say, have been very close to our mutual benefit through a cooperation that has been characterized by numerous socioeconomic projects that have brought enormous benefits to the people of Grenada, and likewise, through our membership in Alba and Petrocaribe.

Venezuela has faced and keeps facing enormous challenges, internally and externally, however, the support it provides to small eastern Caribbean states such as Grenada continues to be indisputable. Recently, Venezuela provided assistance to the government and people of Grenada with the transport of personal protection equipment urgently required by Grenada in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I extend the most sincere thanks of the Grenadian people.

I take the opportunity to extend the best wishes of my cabinet colleagues, and myself, to you and good health to your family, as well as the financial and economic rise of the Venezuelan people.

Keith Mitchell

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