249 community cases of COVID-19 detected in Venezuela in the last 24 hours

Venezuela registers 249 community cases in the last 24 hours, geographically distributed: Zulia, 142; Capital District, 34; Bolívar, 19; Miranda, 19; Sucre, 14; Merida, 11; Trujillo, 3; Yaracuy, 3; Monagas, 2; Lara, 1 and Anzoátegui, 1.

From the Miraflores Palace, the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, explained that, in turn, 102 imported cases were detected, with which the number of infections in the country totals 5,130 infected.

The new imported cases correspond to 82 compatriots from the Republic of Colombia, 16 from the Federative Republic of Brazil, 3 from Ecuador and one from contact with international travelers.

Rodríguez reported the death of a new victim who lost the battle against COVID-19, to rise the number up to 42 deaths.

Regarding the migratory wave, she reiterated that the rebound of contagions detected in the Nation is the result of health care failure in Colombia and Brazil.

“They are the two main vectors that impact and drive the appearance and circulation of the new coronavirus in Venezuela”, she said.

In this context, she reported that Venezuela is facing an outbreak of respiratory infection as a result of cases promoted from these neighboring countries, as a result of infected nationals returning to the country.

The Executive Vice-president highlighted that the Bolivarian Government continues to design strategies for the containment and early detection of the virus, for which 1,219,651 screening tests have already been applied in Venezuela, which represents 40,655 tests per million inhabitants.

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