Venezuela activates electronic apostille for driver’s license certification

In order to provide better and more efficient care to the Venezuelan population, the certification of driver’s licenses data, registered by the National Institute of Land Transportation (INTT), for consular purposes, may be electronically apostilled for free.

From the INTT page, users will be able to process in a single step and in an expedited manner their legalized certification of the driver’s license and the electronic apostille application thereof, free of charge.

The novelty of the procedure lies in that it would be the second electronic apostille of Venezuela that complies with all the requirements and standards established in the Hague Convention, and has worldwide validity.

The first Venezuelan electronic apostille concerns criminal records, whose obtaining process begins with the request for this document before the People’s Power Ministry for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, and continues with the incorporation of the user and subsequent request in the apostille system of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations.

The electronic certification also guarantees the reliability of an electronic signature of the central authority in the Apostille Convention of The Hague, which allows generating the conditions for the zero use of paper and organic materials, in order to guarantee in digital condition the data certification guaranteed by the agreement.

To request the data certification of driver’s licenses, through the INTT page for consular effects, it is necessary to have a user [previously created, even if no procedure has been requested] on the page of the People’s Power Ministry to Foreign Relations, since through the registered email, the document with the electronic apostille will arrive.

It should be remembered that the certification of data for consular purposes by the INTT portal [legalization] has an established tariff cost, but the electronic apostille becomes completely free, so users will not have to attend any office to seal it sicne the requested document will arrive electronically.

This mechanism, in turn, complies with the social and voluntary quarantine in the country, thus contributing to the prevention of COVID-19.

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