Celac ministerial meeting discusses post-pandemic health and economic challenges - MPPRE

Celac ministerial meeting discusses post-pandemic health and economic challenges

Assuming the pedagogical vision of what COVID-19 has meant in the economic field was one of the approaches of the Venezuelan Vice-president of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, during the virtual ministerial meeting of Celac: Towards the new post-pandemic global economy.

“The measures that can be implemented in our region are being evaluated for the time of the expected relative normalization, precisely based on the different stages of the pandemic”, said the Vice-president.

He also asserted that the Latin American and Caribbean governments are facing a much more complex challenge, which is indolence of the economic and social models of the countries.

“We are going to have a vaccine, we are going to overcome the pandemic; however, indolence, the vision of having the health scheme as a commodity and not as a social right is the issue that is currently under debate”.

He stressed that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for its part, implements a model of public health protection with a constitutional principle, which has allowed it to guarantee care for the Venezuelan people in the face of the advance of COVID-19 and keep it at a level below the number of infections.

On the other hand, he reiterated the call of the United Nations (UN) to cease the visions of aggression and unilateral positions against the peoples and specifically against the Venezuelan one, which has suffered the intensification of the economic and financial blockade during the quarantine.