Venezuela proposes to organize the World Forum of Physical Activity and Recreation for Ibero-America

The People’s Power Ministry for Youth and Sports presented this Friday, May 22, a proposal for the organization of the World Forum on Physical Activity and Recreation in Ibero-America, within the framework of the first virtual conference of Ibero-American sports authorities against the pandemic, in which ministers and authorities from 22 countries gathered online, as well as members of continental and world health and sports organizations, respectively.

This first videoconference against the pandemic was developed to exchange strategies and policies that lessen the collateral effects of COVID-19 in the sports field and was attended by representatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the United Nations Organization Women, the Council of Europe and GIZ (Germany), along with members of the Spanish Football League and WADA.

For Venezuela, the Vice-ministers for High Performance and Massification, Juan Carlos Amarante and Arnaldo Sánchez, respectively, connected to detail the action plan that the nation is advancing in favor of comprehensive care for the country’s athletes and to expose the strategies outlined in tune with the National Executive and the sports policies established in order to maintain and, subsequently, reestablish the national sports dynamic.

“We submitted a proposal to the Ibero-American Sports Council to enable the organization of the World Forum on Physical Activity and Recreation, an activity that would allow us to exchange strategies and knowledge and grow in the midst of this world situation that sport is experiencing”, explained the Vice-minister Sánchez.

The representative of Massification in the country stressed that

“for us it is a total triumph to have received the congratulations from 22 countries in Ibero-America for the action plan in the field of physical activity, sport and recreation that Venezuela is advancing in the midst of the pandemic”, adding that “today in Venezuela 45% of the population performs some physical activity, and that is thanks to the lines of action carried out by the Ministry of Youth and Sports”.

This first ministerial sports conference was convened by the Ibero-American Sports Council (CID), Unesco and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (Segib), with the aim of allowing governments to share initiatives and strategies on how they have been working in terms of sports policies against to COVID-19.

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