Venezuela, Iran broaden strategic alliance in tourism and trade

In the framework of stable cooperation relations based on diplomacy, respect and the consolidation of a multipolar world for the self-determination of peoples free from foreign meddling, Minister for Tourism and Foreign Trade Félix Plasencia held a meeting with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hojjatollah Soltani to strengthen tourism and trade between the two nations.

At the meeting, they addressed important issues like the shipment of food and medical supplies from Iran amid the social, collective quarantine in Venezuela due to COVID-19.

Venezuela-Iran Tourism Agreements

Regarding the air connection between the two countries, they discussed moving forward with Venezuela’s Consortium of Aeronautics Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) and Iran’s Mahan Air in order to reactivate direct flights and boost tourism between the two countries.

Likewise, Plasencia proposed Los Roques as a COVID-19 free tourism destination, being an archipelago that receives Iranian investments in basic services like power generation and water treatment.

Noteworthily, Venezuela and Iran have boosted and strengthened their bilateral ties for 18 years as the White House has tightened unilateral coercive measures against the two countries in order to stop their mutual economic, social development.

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