Foreign Minister Arreaza: Venezuela will denounce incursion before UN Security Council

Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza informed on Saturday, May 9, that Venezuela’s Permanent Representative to the UN Samuel Moncada is updating a document containing evidence of the illegal incursion of mercenaries into Venezuela to be submitted to the Security Council on Monday, May 11, if possible.

“Every day details emerge about the aggression against Venezuela,” he expressed.

The Venezuelan foreign minister stressed the need of starting a debate on this new aggression, like the one that took place regarding the deployment of US troops in the Caribbean for an alleged fight against drug trafficking, in order to prove the responsibility of the United States and Colombia.

President Nicolás Maduro did not doubt the legal and political responsibility of Ivan Duque for the illegal incursion of these mercenaries.

“I have no doubts about Ivan Duque’s legal and political responsibility and the need of accusing him before the International Criminal Court,” he states.

Foreign Minister Arreaza explained that Colombia is violating the sacred principles endorsed in 2014 during the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, when Latin America and the Caribbean were declared zone of peace.

On Sunday afternoon, Venezuelan authorities confirmed the capture of three more mercenaries near the locality of Santa Cruz, in La Guaira State.

President Maduro urged the country’s institutions to conduct the respective trials and make them an example of defense of democracy, sovereignty and peace in Venezuela.

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