Guadeloupe Collective condemns attacks by the US and France against the sovereignty of Venezuela

From Guadalupe, the “Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon” (“Collective against outrageous exploitation”, abbreviated as LKP) issued a statement in support to the Bolivarian Revolution, whereby it “condemns without reservation the schemes orchestrated by France and the United States against sovereignty of Venezuela” and in which “demands the cessation of any military intervention against the Venezuelan people and calls for the complete lifting of the blockade against the workers and the people” of Venezuela.

In the statement, the LKP denounces that “the United States embarks on an aggressive escalation against the Venezuelan people by sending warships to the Caribbean area” to “deflect the anger of their workers and population”, as a result of the disastrous response from that Government to the Coronavirus crisis in their country.

The LKP condemns that France also joins these attacks, denouncing that the ship “Dixmude”, a French helicopter carrier, which has been deployed to the Caribbean region to “supposedly provide aid” to its territories in that area, would actually be in the region “to participate in a military attack against the Venezuelan people”.

The LKP is a group in Guadalupe that brings together some fifty union, associative, political and cultural organizations from the French territory in the Caribbean.

Here is the full statement translated into Spanish:

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Here is the original statement in French:

Descargar en PDF

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