Rrecovered patients curve by Covid-19 is greater than the number of active cases - MPPRE

Rrecovered patients curve by Covid-19 is greater than the number of active cases

In Venezuela the recovered patients curve by Coronavirus (Covid-19) is greater than the number of currently active cases, highlighted the Sector Vice-president for Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez. On behalf of the Presidential Commission for the Monitoring, Control and Prevention of Coronavirus (Covid-19), he stated that the number of recovered patients continues to increase. “We are in 50 percent of recovered patients”, that is 113 patients. He insisted on the relevance of the measures that have been taken to confront the pandemic and emphasized that if “the (social-collective) quarantine had not been called, we would have more than eighty-two thousand positive cases in the country”. “If we deviate just a little from the measures, if we relax in quarantine, letting down our guard because Venezuela has few cases, in weeks we would have thousands of cases”, he said reflecting on the fact that all Venezuelans continue with discipline and conscience respecting the collective quarantine at the national level. The Sector Vice-president contrasted the mechanisms used in the country to attack the disease, which has claimed a considerable number of lives worldwide, with “the modality of screening only people with symptoms”. Rodríguez explained that of the 227 positive cases for Covid-19 that the country registers, 113 are recovered, 46 are in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) or in popular clinics, 36 are in hospitals, 21 in private clinics, two are in isolation in hotels and nine people have died.
Curva de pacientes recuperados por Covid-19 es mayor al número de casos activos