Bolivarian Government supports UN call for global ceasefire

The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela supports the appeal issued by Secretary-General António Guterres to cease armed conflicts and wars, and to make way for peace in order to address the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected humankind, said Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

Rodríguez also called for “the lifting of illegal sanctions and criminal blockades against Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, and all the countries victim of unilateral coercive measures, so that we can join efforts in international organizations to fight COVID-19.”

On March 23, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for a global ceasefire to stop all wars to help countries face the COVID-19 pandemic.

” Our world faces a common enemy: COVID-19,” stated Guterres in a virtual press conference, where he also stressed that “It is time to put armed conflict on lockdown and focus together on the true fight of our lives.”

The UN secretary-general recalled that in war-ravaged countries, where health systems have collapsed, refugees and others displaced are doubly vulnerable.

Vice President’s Office

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