Venezuela: Key measures to strengthen control over COVID-19

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro announced a set of measures seeking to strengthen control over COVID-19 in the country.

These measures include the expansion of the hospitalization system, financing for food, distance education programs, and others we detailed bellow:

  • Immediate hospitalization and isolation of COVID-19 patients in healthcare centers to avoid home contagion.
  • Tighter, stricter sanitary controls on border zones to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak rebound in Venezuela.
  • Guaranteed access to food, medical care and free shelter during quarantine for all Venezuelans arriving in the country due to xenophobia and discrimination to which they were subjected in neighboring countries.
  • Joint work with German scientists and organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Pan-American Health Organization and the United Nations to address the COVID-19 outbreak and save lives until a vaccine is fully developed.
  • Equipping Venezuela’s National Hygiene Institute with the COVID-19 detection state-of-the-art machines that were donated to Colombia and were rejected by President Ivan Duque to the detriment of the Colombian people.
  • National consultation to evaluate options applicable to end the school year and strengthening the “One Family, One School” program.
  • Longer TV/radio broadcasts for kindergarten and primary education in the morning, and high school and technical secondary education in the afternoon.
  • Distribution of food through the Local Food Production and Provision Committees (CLAPs), which will be complemented by a community food supply system and the “Yo Compro en Casa” (I buy at home) plan.
  • € 13 million to fund the Special Plan for the Distribution of Animal Protein, Vegetables and Dry Items, including house-to-house distribution, the community food supply system and the “Yo Compro en Casa” (I buy at home) plan.
  • More than € 22.4 million to fund the School Food Program.

Presidential Press Office

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