President Maduro: Venezuela is ready to receive more than 15 thousand compatriots

The constitutional president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, assured that the Bolivarian Government is prepared to receive more than 15 thousand compatriots from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The Head of Sstate indicated that until this Sunday, March 5, 1,652 migrants from these countries have been received on the border of San Antonio del Táchira.

“They come persecuted by the xenophobia and racism of those countries (…) here we will receive them with love and they will be attended with all the benefits”, he emphasized.

Presidente Maduro rechaza persecución a venezolanos en Colombia en medio de pandemia

He pointed out that there is an epidemiological control on the Venezuelan border and those who enter the country will undergo the rapid screening test of the Covid-19.

He explained that later, if negative, these people will be subjected to an isolation for a period of 14 days within the framework of their protection and that of the rest of the Venezuelan people.

Likewise, he informed that the positive cases will be attended in the border states, where they will be guaranteed adequate treatment.

In recent days, a caravan of Venezuelans began to return to the country after being xenophobically mistreated and expelled from their homes amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

International cooperation

The president, Nicolás Maduro, denounced Iván Duque’s indolence towards the Colombian people, by not accepting the donation of the machines for the detection of Covid-19, which the Venezuelan Government has arranged to help the sister Republic.

He stated that Duque “is ceasing to save lives because of his hatred, pettiness and his erratic vision towards Venezuela”.

In turn, he reiterated the willingness of the Bolivarian Government to donate these machines for the well-being of Colombians.

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