UN praises measures adopted in Venezuela to fight COVID-19

Sectorial Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism Jorge Rodríguez stressed that the United Nations System acknowledged the measures adopted by the Venezuelan Government to contain and prevent COVID-19.

Read bellow to know more about the scope of the Venezuelan healthcare system in the fight against coronavirus:

  • Venezuela registers 0.47 COVID-19 cases per each 100,000 inhabitants. COVID-19 prevalence in the U.S. and Spain is 200 cases por each 100,000.
  • To address and prevent the propagation of this virus, 1,227 tests are done per 1,000,000 inhabitants in contrast with Chile (884), Ecuador (585), Colombia (375), Peru (120) and Brazil (86).
  • Venezuela has run 140% more tests than Chile, 260% more than Ecuador, and 330% more than the Republic of Colombia.
  • Up to date, more than 5,240,000 cases and 150 deaths would have been registered if Venezuela had used the same healthcare criteria of the U.S. government and other countries in the world.
  • 17,134,230 people have answered the COVID-19 preventive survey on the online Patria system. 92,237 Venezuelans have been visited and 111,877 are yet to be visited. “This is of transcendental importance because no other country has used a similar system for a direct contact,” stressed Rodríguez.
  • 13,815 health professionals have been deployed across the country for broad testing.

Currently, Venezuela registers 155 COVID-19 cases, 81 men and 74 women, most of them aged 20-50.

Presidential Press Office

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