Vice-president Rodríguez: 16 million 883 thousand 150 people have answered the self-diagnostic survey of the Patria System

To date, the survey of the Patria System platform has been answered, based on a screening of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), a total of 16 million 883 thousand 150 people.

This was reported by the Executive Vice-president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who led this Thursday the meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Follow-up, Prevention and Control of Covid-19, which took place at the Miraflores Palace.

She explained that thanks to the deployment of 14 thousand workers who are doing this extensive and personalized screening with specialists in the area, 74 thousand 31 people have already been visited.

“This survey was very efficient in order to define the health map in Venezuela and the population to which we are directly addressing by doing the rapid test, just as we did with the travelers”.

The Executive Vice-president emphasized that Venezuela continues in this work, thanks to the humanitarian assistance of the People’s Republic of China, of the Russian Federation, today Venezuela has one of the highest rates of screening through tests by number of inhabitants.

Social conscience

“Today more than ever quarantine is required, always our recognition of its main protagonist: the Venezuelan people with their sacrifice, their great discipline and responsibility”, urged Rodríguez.

In this sense, she reiterated and called “to reflection”, because Venezuela “has an extensive border with Colombia that exhibits an exponential curve”, as it happens with Brazil, “countries where their presidents increasingly show their irrationality for the control of this pandemic in their country”.

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