REDH rejects recent threats and unfounded accusations by the US against the Government and people of Venezuela

The Network in Defense of Humanity categorically rejects the intentions of the US government to attack the people of Venezuela again with threats and unfounded accusations trying to link the legitimate president Nicolás Maduro and Venezuelan state authorities with drug trafficking.

Desperately, after 20 years of attempts to overthrow the democratic and peaceful Bolivarian Revolution, they seek to justify the invasion of Venezuelan territory by violating, as they have always done, the regulations of international law. Trump announced anti-drug operations and the deployment of ships in the Caribbean and the Eastern Pacific, focusing particularly on Venezuela, whose government, according to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, depends on the profits derived from the sale of narcotics.

The entire world knows that Venezuela is not among the countries that produce, traffic or consume drugs. It does not appear in the statistics of the recent reports of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the year 2019. It only appears as the country with the highest seizures of narcotics.

It is Colombia, and not Venezuela, the largest producer of cocaine on the planet. Of the 245,400 hectares of cocaine that were cultivated in 2017, 69.68%, that is, 171,000 were in Colombian territory. Colombia is also the largest producer of 100% pure cocaine: of the 1,970 tons produced in 2017, 1,379 tons were manufactured in that country. According to the aforementioned report, it is through the Pacific and Central America that the greatest cocaine trafficking to the United States is recorded.

We celebrate that the United States has finally dedicated itself to fighting drug trafficking, especially since they account for 38% of cocaine use in the world and 24% of marihuana worldwide. At the same time, we suggest Donald Trump to review and adjust the coordinates of his ships to guarantee success in the seizure of narcotics, turning his attention to Colombia, the main narco-Sstate in the region, and thereby ending one of the main unusual and extraordinary threats that affect the security and peace of all of America.

In these moments of pandemic, we also call on the governments and peoples of the world to jointly focus our efforts to combat this invisible enemy. We particularly invite the US government to do the same and join the fight to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which found a new epicenter in its own territory, causing a humanitarian crisis that totals more than 220,000 infected Americans and more than 5,600 deaths so far.

Network in Defense of Humanity

April 1, 2020

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