Unesco and Unicef ​​recognize initiatives of the Bolivarian Government to guarantee education during the contingency for the Covid-19

To exchange experiences on the development of the Plan “Cada Familia Una Escuela”, (Each Family One School) started on March 16, the People’s Power Ministry for Education participated in the Virtual Seminar “Alternatives of Learning for Continuity”, from the headquarters of the aforementioned Ministry.

The head of the educational office, Aristóbulo Istúriz, indicated that this day had the participation of institutions and national organizations linked to education, such as the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education (AVEC), the Fe y Alegría network and the National Association of Private Educative Institutes (Andiep), as well as representatives of civil society, together with regional delegates from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

Istúriz thanked this initiative to “show the experience that we are living in Venezuela with distance education”, adding that “regarding the coronavirus, face-to-face classes in Venezuela were suspended, but we are obliged to guarantee the right to life and to health of our children, while continuing to guarantee the right to education”.

In this sense, Istúriz emphasized that President Nicolás Maduro “instructed us to search for distance education alternatives that would allow us to continue the educational process that we have already started in Venezuela. This drama that has occurred in the world is in the midst of educational development, culminating the second pedagogical moment, and we are obliged to guarantee the boys and girls, the validation of studies while preserving their right to health and life”, the minister said.

Strengthen distance education

Henry Renna, who is coordinator of the Unesco Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, pointed out that this meeting was held in order to

“exchange experiences and achievements among the actions that the Plan Cada Familia Una Escuela and the actions that the United Nations system has been developing with civil society, to advance a single national education plan that guarantees the right to learning anywhere, at any time and in any circumstance”, he said.

For his part, Darío Moreno, education officer of Unicef ​​Venezuela, expressed his gratitude

“for this space that the MPPE has opened, this effort to develop an innovation in educational matters, such as distance education in the framework of this response to treat the coronavirus. From Unicef ​​we are pleased with the effort that the Ministry and its entire team have been making to guarantee educational continuity and make it possible for every boy, every girl, to have opportune moments and spaces for quality learning”.

Finally, Moreno highlighted that guaranteeing the right to education implies “the articulation of all sectors of the country: Fe y Alegría, AVEC, Unicef; All the organizations that are present and make active life in the country are united”, he concluded.

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