Vice-president Rodríguez: We request the UN to urge Colombia to explain the objective of terrorist groups - MPPRE

Vice-president Rodríguez: We request the UN to urge Colombia to explain the objective of terrorist groups

This was stated by the sector Vice-president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, during the statements issued this Wednesday from the “Simón Bolívar” Press Room at the Miraflores Palace, Caracas. Prior to the request made to the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, he stated:
“First of all, we want to apologize because the information we want to share with the people of Venezuela is not related to the pandemic. The fact is that sometimes we do not fit in the amazement of the capacity that some people have for the evil that belies their condition as human beings, because in the face of the fight against the pandemic, which the Bolivarian Government and the people of Venezuela are going through, they intend to take advantage and introduce elements of extreme violence in our country to try to threaten life and the democratic system”.
He said that on Monday the 23rd of the current month, a Colombian traffic police commission seized a war arsenal inside a van on the Ciénaga-Barranquilla highway, which would be used to generate the aforementioned events. One of the people detained by the Colombian authorities in this operation is Jorge Alberto Molinares Duque. The route of the transfer of the war weapons, valued at about $ 500,000, was indicated by the Vice-president with the support of a fixed image projection. It started in Riohacha and was to be introduced through the Paraguachón border, in the Zulia state. The plan also sought to enter the country three assault groups trained in Colombia to generate chaos in Venezuel. He stressed that the Bolivarian Government “summons the Colombian president to clarify what this conspiracy is about. We know that in Riohacha, Colombia, three camps operate where they train mercenaries to activate plans against Venezuela”, Rodríguez said. “Even in the face of the complex days the Republic is experiencing, they have not stopped in the devious attack”, said the sector Vice-president, who concluded his statements by reiterating:
“We are with our guard up, President Maduro is with his guard up and we are minute by minute developing all the processes to combat and defeat the Covid-19 pandemic, but the Venezuelan State security agencies have not detained in the entire process of investigating and uncovering very serious conspiracy situations in order to achieve, through the investigations of our security agencies, the preservation of the peace of the Republic and of the citizens”.