More than 13 thousand people work in strategic areas to combat the spread of Covid-19

The constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, thanked the support of the staff working in the strategic sectors deployed throughout the national territory to guarantee the prevention and containment of COVID-19.

The Head of State highlighted that there are 13 thousand 808 people from the areas of health, security forces, community leaders and workers in the public and food sector who are deployed throughout the national territory, during the period of social and collective quarantine.

During a balance of the actions that the Bolivarian Government has been taking for the prevention and care of the pandemic, Maduro also thanked the private health sector for having articulated with the National Executive and abiding by all the regulations imposed by the Presidential Commission for Prevention, Attention and Control for Coronavirus, while informing that the coordination with this sector will be expanded.

So far, 157 countries have been affected by the pandemic, registering a total of 335 thousand positive cases and more than 14 thousand people killed by this virus on a global scale.

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