Solidarity conference with the Bolivarian Revolution takes place in Paris

On the occasion of the World Day of Solidarity with Venezuela, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in France participated on Saturday, February 29, in a solidarity conference with the Bolivarian Revolution and against Western imperialism, organized by the Association Re-Kamitiser and African, French and Latin American solidarity groups present in the city of Paris.

The event was held in a room in the 13th district of Paris and was attended by several speakers, who emphasized their support – and that of the African continent – with the people and legitimate government of Venezuela. The moderation was in charge of Liliane Ze and Sonia Da Rosa Mascarenhas, president and spokesperson of the Youth, respectively, of the Re-Kamitiser Association.

First, Nara Mangue, a member of the Re-Kamitiser Association, showed a presentation on her participation as a delegate of the African diaspora of France and spokesperson for the Anti-Imperialist Commission at the 1st International Congress of Afro-descendants held in Caracas in November 2019, presenting photos and videos of her stay in Venezuela. Likewise, María Gabriela, from the Venesol Association of Belgium, presented the report of the World Meeting against Imperialism, held in January 2020 in the city of Caracas.

These interventions were followed by a presentation by Augusta Epanya, member of the CGT and UPC-Manidem sindicates, an anti-capitalist militant, who also attended the World Meeting against Imperialism held in Caracas in January this year, and who spoke about the lessons that the African continent can learn from the Venezuelan example in its fight against imperialism and neoliberalism.

Isis Tawanda, co-founder of the Re-Kamitiser Association and member of the Network of African Journalists in France, also delegated to the World Meeting against Imperialism, made a presentation on the promotion of alternative media as a strategy to counterbalance imperialist propaganda media, citing the multistate Telesur as an example.

Yurielkys Sarduy Martínez, diplomat in charge of Political Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in France, on behalf of Ambassador Elio Rodríguez Perdomo, reiterated the unconditional support of the people and government of Cuba with the Venezuelan people, as well as with the peoples of Africa, while receiving signs of solidarity from those present, who unanimously emphasized their rejection to the blockade against the brother Cuban people.

Finally, the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in France, Michel Mujica, emphasized the importance of international solidarity with the Bolivarian nation, in particular, that of the sister peoples and allied governments of the African continent.

The event featured the craft exhibition of African residents in France, for the benefit of small African companies. For their part, the owners of the room thanked the Venezuelan Ambassador in France for his presence.

At the end of the activity, the participants sent a message to the Venezuelan people, exclaiming in unison: “A united people will never be defeated!” and “Chavez lives, the fight goes on!”

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