Towards the goal of 3 million 100 thousand homes built despite the imperial blockade

The People’s Power Ministry for Habitat and Housing announced on Wednesday, during the regular meeting of the Higher Housing Body that took place in Caracas, the construction and delivery of 3 million 96 thousand 192 houses of the Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela (GMVV), heading for the historic milestone of 3 million 100 thousand.

“My Commander-in-Chief, the GMVV continues to advance vigorously and soon we will be delivering the milestone 3 million 100 thousand homes. A strong applause to everyone in the GMVV that already guarantees the goal”, said the head of the aforementioned ministerial portfolio, Ildemaro Villarroel, when giving a weekly balance of the management, after the closure of the 2020 carnival event.

He reported that the Mision Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor rehabilitated the house number 1,451,019, while the National Land Institute (Inti) has handed over the urban land title number 1,086,376.

Without stopping

He also commented that thanks to the El Petro cryptocurrency protection mechanism, private and public companies continue to build homes, circumventing the effects of the US imperial blockade.

With this mechanism, 11 thousand 806 Petros have been disbursed in the last week for companies, in order to acquire construction materials.

“Our plants have produced 5,633 ceiling profiles and 4,400 tongue and groove profiles and we are going to produce 3,327 resistant synthetic roof units, which will be useful for GMVV”, said the Minister.

Municipal Incorporation.

Likewise, he announced the realization of regional assemblies to achieve the activation of 100% of the Municipal Bodies, in which a representative from each municipality will participate, in order to monitor and boost the execution of isolated homes.

“We call on mayors who are interested in bringing the benefit of housing to their territory, to come together in the State housing bodies. We will be doing assemblies in all regions of the country”, said Villarroel.

The re-impulse of the municipal housing bodies will allow the State bodies that are already activated with their top managers to coordinate with the municipal authorities to fulfill the task of completing the homes.

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