Venezuela and South Africa review bilateral cooperation at the UN-Geneva

Within the framework of the 43rd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN), which takes place in Geneva, Switzerland; On Tuesday, a bilateral meeting was held between the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza and Alvin Botes, Vice-minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, in which they exchanged views on the solid relations of cooperation and brotherhood consolidated between the governments of both countries.

Venezuela and South Africa developed a Business Forum at the end of January this year, in Caracas, which concluded with the signing of important commercial and investment agreements.

Foro de Negocios Venezuela-Sudáfrica concluye con firma de importantes acuerdos de inversión

On that occasion, Foreign Minister Arreaza summarized that in the coffee and cocoa sector, they agreed to work on the international certification of Venezuelan grain and also evaluated proposals for the purchase of surgical medical material produced in South Africa. In mining, he highlighted the interest of South African companies in projects for the exploration and exploitation of gold, diamond, bauxite nickel, iron and coltan.

In 2019, Vice-minister Alvin Botes met several times with the Vice-minister for Africa of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, Yuri Pimentel. The last meeting was on October 24, in Azerbaijan, on the eve of the XVIII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), where they reviewed the bilateral cooperation and solidarity agenda. At the end of August they met in South Africa and in July they did so in Venezuela, during the ministerial meeting of the NAM, in Caracas, which is a sample of the good diplomatic and commercial relations they maintain.

The appointment on Human Rights at the UN-Geneva takes place from February 24 to March 20, 2020.

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