Venezuelan film agenda continues its deployment in the Higher Institute of Languages ​​of Tunisia

The Higher Institute of Languages ​​of Tunisia successfully received, on Wednesday, February 19, the screening of the Venezuelan film “Bolívar, the man of difficulties”, by director Luis Alberto Lamata, within the framework of the 123 years of Venezuelan cinema and as part of the world cinema activities offered by the Institute.

The first secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in Tunisia, Yasmín Corrales, as part of the presentation of the film, gave an overview of the historical context in which the film is developed and explained to the young Tunisian university students, the importance of Simón Bolívar in the processes of independence in South America, highlighting his libertarian spirit full of hope in the construction of a free and sovereign nation.

Túnez celebra los 123 años del cine venezolano

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Tunisia develops an exchange agenda with this house of university studies, specialized in the training of interpreters and translators, through the screening of films and presentation of thematic conferences.

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