Venezuela denounces illegal US measures against Russian oil company Rosneft Trading S.A.

This Tuesday, through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, rejected on behalf of the Bolivarian Government the illegal unilateral coercive measure of the administration of Donald Trump, against the Russian oil company Rosneft Trading SA, for being one of the commercial allies of Venezuela, in the fight to counteract the economic war.

“The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela firmly rejects the unilateral and illegal coercive measures of the United States government against the Rosneft company. All these arbitrary actions are evidence of the crimes against humanity and the Venezuelan people”, said the Foreign Minister.

In turn, he asked the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to identify those responsible for issuing “these perverse measures from Washington”, and those who request and celebrate them in Venezuela.

Faced with this arrogant position of the members of the White House who freeze all the assets of said oil company, the diplomat said that “these arbitrary measures against the Russian company Rosneft Trading violate the right to free trade and free enterprise”.

He said that the Bolivarian Government will add these actions to the lawsuit they filed against the US government, on February 13 before the International Criminal Court, in The Hague, The Netherlands.

It should be noted that the Russian state company has been an instrument in strengthening strategic relations between Venezuela and Russia, through collaboration for the sale and transportation of Venezuelan crude that has contributed to the economic development of the country, in the fight against wrongly called sanctions that President Donald Trump has criminally imposed.

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