Photo exhibition “Qatar, heritage and modernity” inaugurated in Caracas

This Tuesday, at the Museum of Fine Arts (MBA), in Caracas, was  inaugurated the photographic exhibition “Qatar, heritage and modernity”, which reflects the heritage, identity, history, roots and modernity of this Arab nation.

The People’s Power Minister for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, offered details of what the public will find: “We are very pleased with this sample that includes both aspects, in an integral look of that very interesting country with which we also have important political and economic relations, and from the cultural point of view today they take a step forward”.

Likewise, the People’s Power Minister for Tourism and Foreign Trade, Félix Plasencia, also referred to the importance of cultural exchange that is reflected through this photographic exhibition: “Cultural respect in the effort to modernize as the State of Qatar did, which is a beloved country. Both countries have been leaders, in the defense of the world’s energy markets. Qatar and Venezuela are two countries with a transcendental importance”.

On the other hand, the ambassador of the State of Qatar in Venezuela, Rashid Mohsin Al Fetais, stressed that “we have made this exhibition so that our brothers in Venezuela know about modern Qatar and all the technological advances we have achieved and also to let know what was Qatar before and how it is now. Soon we will make an exhibition of gastronomy in which everyone can taste our typical dishes”.

Finally, Minister Villegas invited the entire Venezuelan people to attend the MBA to learn more about this extraordinary culture that “presents itself to us and reminds us that Venezuela is not alone, that the cultural dialogue between countries and the entire world continues despite the blockade, persecutions, the attempt to overwhelm our people, but there is a space that is culture, which is unstoppable”.

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