Mitcoex inaugurates II Business Roundtable Road FitVen La Guaira 2020

The People’s Power Ministry for Tourism and Foreign Trade (Mitcoex) inaugurated on Wednesday the II Business Roundtable Road FitVen La Guaira 2020, at the Venetur Alba Caracas Hotel, in order to continue opening spaces for tourism investment meetings of the country’s productive sector with national and international entrepreneurs.

The event was chaired by the holder of Mitcoex’s portfolio, Felix Plasencia, accompanied by the governor of the state of La Guaira, Jorge Luis García Carneiro, the Vice-minister for Tourism, Verónica Calcinari, and the president of Conviasa, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán. As well as ambassadors and representatives from countries such as Syria, China, South Africa, Indonesia, Togo, Sudan, Argentina, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Nicaragua, Turkey, among others.

In this regard, the Minister of tourism thanked the audience for trusting in the potential that Venezuela offers for future tourism investments. “We work with the heart and spirit, we want to build a very virtuous and transparent trade route, this route will be the Fitven 2020,” he said.

Fitven La Guaira 2020

He stressed that Fitven can specify billions of dollars for business investment and strategic alliances in the tourism industry. “We must take advantage of this unique space and this country that has everything, beautiful mountains, seas, plains and beaches” said Plasencia.

Minister Plasencia stressed that the future of Venezuela is in the sight of more than 54 countries in Asia and Africa, with which there are large investment plans. In this regard, Plasencia said that “there is the growth portfolio, we are also betting on other countries in Latin America. We see the connection with the Caribbean, Central America, North America and Europe to the future in investment”.

For his part, Governor Jorge Luis García Carneiro expressed his gratitude to this event that shows the endless opportunities that Venezuela has to offer in the tourism field. “We have mountains, dunes and beaches like our La Guaira state has. In Fitven we celebrate that the 23 entities of Venezuela present their benefits to national and foreign investors”, he said.

This is the II Business Roundtable that takes place as a prelude to the fourteenth edition of the International Tourism Fair of Venezuela (FitVen), which will take place in La Guaira. In this way, Venezuela continues to strengthen foreign investment opportunities in the international tourism sector.

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