Venezuela celebrates the Day of the Republic of India

In order to consolidate ties of friendship and brotherhood, the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, participated in the celebration of the seventieth first anniversary of the Day of the Republic of India.

During the event, Rodriguez congratulated the Chargé d’ffaires of the embassy in the country, Vishwa Nath Goel and the South Asian population.

“We share those principles of the Republic, we share those principles of sovereign states, of respect for self-determination. Venezuela and India have historically traveled roads that unite us and make us flow”, he said.

The Executive Vice-president recalled that the national president, Nicolás Maduro, in 2019 was in India, to deliver the presidency of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), where the Bandung Principles are defended, which constitute the basis for setting a path to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among all nations.

“Principles that today should guide the way of the free nations that raise the flags of self-determination, independence, peace, principles that must be shared in a community of nations, where the weight of force and law must prevail instead of the weight of war, violence and the military power”, said the National Executive.

Venezuela currently joins these principles with cooperation projects that are based on shared benefits for both peoples.

Rodriguez stressed that today, given the threat of imperial powers over Venezuela, these principles prevail to guarantee the whole people without any distinction, the right to peace, happiness, and the future.

Relations between Venezuela and India began on October 1, 1959, and since then they have strengthened cordial ties with high-level interactions.

The two Indian prime ministers visited Venezuela, the first one back in 1968, and the second one in 1991. Then in 2005, it was President Hugo Chavez and latter the Vice-president of India, came to the national territory in September 2016, at the XVII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

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