Ambassador Chávez: Strengthening the communes is a huge commitment we have with Commander Chávez

“The substance, the fundamental cell of the Bolivarian Revolution, is to continue consolidating Popular Power. This is what will allow us to continue consolidating our socialism”, said the Venezuelan ambassador to the Republic of Cuba, Adán Chávez Frías, when speaking on Thursday at the sectoral work table “Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of Popular Power”, in the framework of the World Meeting against Imperialism, installed the day before in Caracas.

During the meeting, attended by representatives of political, social and workers organizations from the five continents, the diplomat said: “We are aware that we continue to have, as a revolutionary, Chavista and Bolivarian people, a debt to our Eternal Commander (…) Chavez keeps shouting at us everywhere: Commune or nothing! That is a huge commitment that lies ahead”.

Encuentro Mundial contra el Imperialismo construye acuerdos en mesas sectoriales

Likewise, the socialist leader called to fight for the unity of our peoples, “protected by the revolutionary internationalism bequeathed by Commander Hugo Chavez and other great men and women of Latin American Caribbean, to continue advancing in our socialist construction”.

“In each country, socialism will be built, with the peculiarities of each nation, but without a doubt there are general principles that we all share, and that will allow building continental socialism”, he said.

The World Meeting against Imperialism, convened under the motto “For Life, Sovereignty and Peace”, is part of the agenda of the XXV Sao Paulo Forum, which was held in Caracas in July last year.

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