Vice-minister Yánez exposes Venezuelan mobility situation at the Global Forum on Migration

“The future of the Global Forum requires and needs us to understand that migration is not a problem or a pragmatic process, it is a human institution that must be studied on the basis of scientific criteria”, said the Vice-minister for Multilateral Issues of the People’s Popular Ministry for Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Alexander Yánez, during his participation in the XII Global Forum on Migration and Development in Quito, Ecuador.

In his speech, the diplomat said that the forum should take care of not becoming into a platform to obtain resources on the basis of politicization, since this meeting is not regional, state or local, it is a structure responsible for addressing global issues such as migration and the need to balance the themes they execute.

In this context, he said that the public discourse on the issue of migration should be based on a focus on Human Rights, gender equality and multiculturalism, “so it is essential to work in a unified way in these narratives”.

In addition to this, he mentioned the principles of the global migration pact with the specific measures that countries take, referring to the Lima Group, who adopted decisions regarding Venezuelan migration that go against such an important pact.

“There must be coherence between the principles and the application of specific measures in some countries”, he said.

He expressed concern about the speeches issued by some governments that have jeopardized the security of Venezuelan citizens abroad, since they lead to the practice of xenophobia and other disturbing factors that the members of the Global Forum on Migration should fight.

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