Doctors of Mision Milagro travel to Suriname to offer ophthalmologic care

A team of ophthalmologists and internists from the Mision Milagro departed this Saturday, from the facilities of the Simón Bolívar Maiquetia International Airport, bound for the Republic of Suriname to begin the first stage of recruitment and diagnosis of patients with any visual condition, in the framework of the Petrocaribe Regional Integration Agreement.

This medical delegation leaves to the brother country in compliance with the re-impulse of Petrocaribe guided by President Nicolás Maduro, beginning the second stage of the Mision Milagro, in which it is expected to attend 1,998 patients with visual disorders, distributed in 5 countries that make up This Cooperation Agreement.

The director of the Mision Milagro Foundation, Ricardo Riera, highlighted the commitment of the of People’s Power Minister for Petroleum and President of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Manuel Quevedo, who has provided full support for this important social program that enhances internationalism as a factor of integration among peoples, through the Petrocaribe agreements.

This deployment that begins this Saturday will have four stages. The first one is about a visual diagnosis, which consists on the recruitment of patients for evaluation; giving way to the next phase, in which the selected patients must take the required exams for the preoperative evaluation.

The third stage is the day of surgical interventions, to end with the post operative evaluation.

To continue strengthening the Petrocaribe Agreement, the Ophthalmologist Yolimar Alberti said that “we are going to the sister Republic of Suriname to proceed to the evaluation of a conglomerate of patients with the purpose of developing new ophthalmological days, so they may be successfully intervened through of the agreements between Petrocaribe and the Mision Milagro”.

Latin American integration show

An Argentine national, the Ophthalmologist and Cornea Transplant Specialist, Karina Zenón, graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine of Cuba, has been practicing in Caracas since 2008, where she completed her specialization in ophthalmology. Currently, she is part of the medical team of the Mision Milagro and serves as an attached doctor at the “Carlos Arvelo” Military Hospital.

Thanks to the shared and equitable contribution of both the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the countries that make up this Cooperation Agreement, it has been possible to ensure that the surgeries performed are completely free, benefiting people with limited resources.

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