Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War is victory flag against the hegemon

As a political counteroffensive of the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro to the imperial aggressions of the White House, the Comprehensive Care Plan for the Victims of the Economic War is born to guarantee the fundamental Human Rights that have been violated by a multiform attack, never previously seen in the history of the Republic and that affects the most vulnerable.

The government of the United States, supported by the national extreme right, has headed against Venezuela to seize political power through illegal measures of financial and commercial blockade and has sought isolation from Venezuela to achieve its objectives of looting the natural wealth. In response, President Nicolás Maduro has launched an important social scaffolding with the Comprehensive Attention Plan for the Victims of the Economic War raises the flags of the victories in the territory.

Providing comprehensive protection to the Venezuelan people in terms of food, health, and education in the territory, has been the priority with this unprecedented model of organization and response that adds the patriotic will of women and men who aim at the permanent combat of the harmful effects of a multiform war that has tried, without any glance, to take away from Venezuelans their right to peace and sovereignty.

A fundamental element that broadens attention has been to centralize the operation of the Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War in the Bases of Socialist Missions, which has made more expedited the field work and the monitoring of the results that are increasingly They are optimizing as a successful formula for achieving the objectives.

Since then, this policy has been accentuated in order to protect vulnerable people and to reinforce all social programs in neighborhoods and communities of the country, in order to mitigate the effects of the imperial blockade.

Given the increase in the economic and financial blockade by the Donald Trump administration, the levels of development and inclusion reached by the Bolivarian Revolution constitute the target of Washington’s aggressions to undermine the social foundations of the people and generate chaos in the nation.

A national plan

The Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War reached every corner of the country. This is articulated with the Bases of Missions, Casas de Alimentación, Misión Negra Hipólita, Barrio Adentro and other social programs in conjunction with communal productive activities to support the people.

The main purposes of this entity are to preserve the social protection model, guaranteeing the full inclusion of all the most vulnerable groups and to adapt the functioning of the institutions to implement the necessary policies and generate a geographical and statistical registration system, which allows greater efficiency for the attention of these sectors.


  • To maintain the political directionality of the socialist model as an alternative social model of the supreme happiness of the people, given the imperialist claim to affect its development through economic warfare.
  • Generate and adapt revolutionary mechanisms, policies, social practices, management methods, awareness and social relations based on solidarity in order to guarantee social protection and full inclusion of vulnerable groups as a human right.
  • Adapt the functioning of institutions and missions, rearranging the capacities and experiences developed, within the framework of existing reality, complying with the principles of maximum efficiency and revolutionary political effectiveness.
  • Generate a geographic and statistical system for the registration of the State, common to the different programs, without fractional vision in order to obtain timely and useful information and ensure effective monitoring of specific policies, programs and projects in the territory.
  • Develop and strengthen a productive system and resources that grant economic and financial viability to the protection system, promoting a system of productive grafts and local economy, taking care of logistics, production and distribution.

Population to attend:

• Families in situations of extreme poverty, in which the head of household cannot maintain the space of his residence.
• People who do not own housing or a place to reside, without income or poverty.
• Children, adolescents in vulnerable conditions, especially female care.
• People in street situations for individual reasons.
• Families and people in extreme poverty who can partially reside, work or obtain livelihoods in the street.
• Children who work or reside on the street.
• Older adults who work or find sustenance on the street.

Attending from the territory is the key

This program seeks to defend the development model that the Venezuelan State has promoted in recent years, in addition to adapting the different methods of work and management of the Government, in order to develop a comprehensive review of the institutions and achieve greater coordination between them to achieve greater efficiency in the tasks that are executed.

Misiones y Grandes Misiones piezas clave en la atención del pueblo

This new methodology is intended to prevent the blockade and the war that limit access to essential resources, goods and services for the population from impacting the population that is protected by the social policies implemented by the National Executive.

Bases of Missions that conform it:

Mission Negra Hipólita

The Mission Negra Hipólita Foundation joined the Comprehensive Plan for the attention of victims of economic warfare to socially include people in vulnerable situations.

It consists of two important components, such as the attention to people in street situations (in vulnerable conditions) and the promotion of social policies applied in the Revolution.

Somos Venezuela Movement

Regarding to the launch of the Comprehensive Plan of Attention to the Victims of Economic War, the Somos Venezuela Movement is one of those that forms this plan and it’s responsible for the lifting of infrastructures to determine the capacity of application in the Bases of Missions, casas de alimentación and offices of Barrio Adentro, among others.

Ferias del Campo Soberano

As part of the food policies carried out by the Bolivarian Government, the Head of State implemented different special programs for protein distribution, such as Ferias del Campo Soberano and open-air days to serve the Venezuelan population, this as part of the Care Plan to the Victims of the Economic War.

Days of Food and attention to the people

This initiative of the Bolivarian Government is essentially entrusted to the deployment of integral days, dispatching food, medical supplies and cultural activities.

This program also has the support of the Ferias del Campo Soberano, Clap and the Mission Alimentación.

Victories in numbers

To date, 949 proposals for new Socialist Mission Bases have been received for evaluation, of which 100 were selected and executed (40 are already in operation and 60 are in the final phase of adaptation for their next inauguration).

The Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War implies the management of the Plan de la Patria 2019-2025, in the fight against poverty and very especially raises the flags of the victories against the hegemonizing and neocolonial model of the US empire, which pretends to prevail in Venezuela is being defeated in every corner of the country with the moral force of a fierce people, who does not bend and who tells the world that their struggle alongside President Nicolás Maduro for definitive emancipation is irreducible.

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