Puebla Group demands cessation of violence and respect for dignity and human rights in Bolivia

The Puebla Group notes with concern the latest events in Bolivia, where military and police forces have increased their presence and pressure on the Mexican Embassy, ​​which welcomes the political asylees of the Evo Morales government, who have had to take refuge there after the persecution of the civil-military coup government, on November 10 of the current year.

Under the excuse of providing security to the Mexican Embassy, ​​the coup forces are besieging, intimidating, spying and harassing, not only the asylees, but the entire diplomatic mission of the Aztec country. The Government of Mexico even denounced that its Ambassador in Bolivia was held for a few moments while being transported in a diplomatic vehicle, with the aim of inspecting it.

In this way, the imposed government of Áñez not only violates the dignity and security of the asylees, but also puts diplomatic, cooperation and integration relations between Latin American countries at risk, and places international rights in suspensory points, especially the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which, above all, emphasizes the immunity of diplomatic personnel.

We reject in this way the police and military harassment that weighs on the Mexican embassy, ​​its diplomats and the Bolivian asylees, and we call on the coup and provisional government that Mrs. Áñez now heads to ensure the integrity of the diplomatic facilities and the people under their protection.

Alejandro Navarro
Aloizio Mercadante
Carlos Sotelo
Carlos Ominami
Camilo Lagos
Celso Amorim
Daniel Martinez
Esperanza Martinez
Ernesto Samper
Fernando Lugo
Gabriela Rivadeneira
Rafael Correa
Jose Luis Zapatero
Jose Miguel Insulza
Jorge Taiana
Marco Enríquez-Ominami
Julian Dominguez
Carol Proner
Mónica Xavier
Verónika Mendoza

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