Venezuela, Russia and Iran are victims of hostile coercive measures of the United States

“Some of the member states of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum such as Russia, Venezuela and Iran are victims of hostile sanctions of the United States and these sanctions threaten the interests of all members, jeopardize the peaceful objectives of the Forum and prevent a sustained energy security at international level”, denounced the Vice-president for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Iran, Seyed Mohammed Hossein Adeli, during his speech at the V Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

“Unilateral economic sanctions put energy security at risk and negatively impacts sustainable development in the world; It is against international law and human rights principles”, he added.

He stressed that both Venezuela and Iran have sought alternative means, through blockchain technology and digital currencies, to face unilateral coercive measures.

“Sovereign countries should take the necessary steps to reduce the destructive impact caused by this abuse on global markets by alternative means and efficiently use secure exchange methods and mechanisms such as blockchain technology and digital currencies”, he said from the Sipopo Convention Center, located in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea.

He also invited the member countries of this multilateral instance to take concerted action against the over-politicization of energy markets so that economic rationality, principles and multilateralism take precedence over divisive policies and unilateralist interventionism.

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