Public policies aimed at youth are debated at the Foreign Ministry

In the Simón Bolívar Room of the headquarters of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, the high-level conference series “Youth Leadership for Public Management”, organized by the People’s Power Ministry for Youth and Sports, began on Thursday through the Leadership School “Xoan Noya”.

With the presentation “Perspectives 2020 in the Youth sector”, Minister Pedro Infante stressed that there is a great force of Venezuelan youth assuming responsibilities of government, legislation, design and implementation of public policies.

He stressed the importance of studies on the needs and behaviors of today’s youth, indicating that the activity detailed the results of the IV National Youth Survey of 2018, data that serve to accurately understand the opinions and way of life of this population, and develop more appropriate public policies, oriented to meet their needs.

The Minister commented on the priority that the demand and attention of the young sector has for the Bolivarian Government, with policies such as the Plan Chamba Juvenil, which was become into a Great Mission and has 1 million 805 thousand registered youth, the Plan de la Patria has designed a Youth sector; “Efforts that will continue to work to develop the youth to the fullest of their capabilities and ensure that in the years to come this generation join the national production with great strength”.

He also mentioned the recent International Congress of Young People and Students, which among its conclusions highlights the need to exchange Venezuelan experiences with those of other countries and, in this sense, “the proposal of an international observatory for young people and students is built to identify needs, aspirations, goals but also programs, projects and proposals of youth, not only from Venezuela but from the Latin American region”.

The start of the conference cycle also included the presentation of the National Youth Survey (Enjuve) 2018, by Herick Goicoechea and “Strategic planning and public policies towards youth”, presented by Francisco Enrich.

Políticas públicas dirigidas a la juventud se debaten en la Cancillería 

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