Children’s Cardiology kids get benefit with books from China in Filven 2019

Infants of the Latin American Children’s Cardiology Hospital Dr. Gilberto Rodríguez Ochoa, were benefited with books donated by the Chinese delegation representing that nation in the XV International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven 2019).

The activity was attended by the president of the National Book Center (Cenal), Raúl Cazal, and the president of the Librerías del Sur Foundation, Mary Pemjean.

Cazal said that this gesture by the Asian nation is a way to express the gratitude of the Chinese people to Venezuela. “For us it is really an honor, this link between Venezuela and China shows us, that it is far beyond those relations that are merely formal, economic. This is from the Chinese culture, which shows their way of being, expressing their gratitude to the Venezuelan people”, he said.

The also Vice-minister of Development of the Cultural Economy informed that in addition to the books delivered, the delegation of the Asian country also committed to allocate to said hospital the income obtained from the Chinese works sold during Filven 2019 and that this provision of titles will be done permanently, every year.

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