Students of the Venezuelan institute in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines celebrate the birth of Alí Primera

Students of level 3 of Spanish of the Conversation and Music workshops of the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation “Hugo Chávez Frías” of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, celebrated the 78th anniversary of the birth of Ali Primera.

The Vincentian students presented the biography of the People’s Singer, Alí ​​Primera, who was born on October 31, 1941. “His full name was Ely Rafael Primera Rossell … they called him Ali because his grandparents were of Arab origin”, explained student Chantel Legair .

Originally from Coro, Falcón state, he was orphaned when he was barely three years old; “After this tragic event, he went on a pilgrimage with his family with poverty upon them, touring different towns in his state”, said Fabian Guerra, a student of level 7 of Spanish and a member of the Conversation Workshop. “From a very young age and due to his precarious economic situation, Ali had several jobs: shoeshine, fisherman, luggage loader”, he said.

At his 19 years, he moved to Caracas seeking to improve his economic situation. In 1964 he entered the Central University of Venezuela to study Chemistry at the Faculty of Science. Ali enrolls in the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV).

The students of level 3 of Spanish interpreted the song Humanity, with the aim of paying tribute to him and highlighting the ethical and moral values ​​of the society to which Ali, a socialist and humanist, was betting on.

Student Peter Okowonko stressed: “His songs multiplied in defense of humanity and although he was considered a protest singer, Ali said it was not a protest song but a necessary song”.

The academic coordinator of the Institute, Andreina Bermúdez, highlighted the cultural and political contribution of the songs of the People’s Singer as a symbol of the popular struggle and which today has been claimed by the Bolivarian Revolution. In turn, along with the students of the Music workshop, she presented the song Coquivacoa, performed on the cuatro and sung in Spanish, which motivated the applause of all present.

Once again, the Bolivarian Government, through its Embassy in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, exalts the cultural and political values ​​of the Venezuelan homeland; on this occasion, paying tribute to who is the epistemic and political basis of the Bolivarian Revolution: Alí Primera.

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