Tunisian artist Raouf Karray shares his creative experience at the National Art Gallery

As part of his participation in the III Biennial of the South “Peoples in resistance”, the Tunisian visual artist, Raouf Karray, shared his creative experience with the Venezuelan public on Wednesday, through a conversation that took place at the National Art Gallery (GAN), in Caracas.

During the meeting, the African exponent of the plastic arts spoke about his work in the publishing house Alfata Alarabi, dedicated to the publication of illustrated books for girls and boys in Arab countries, especially in Palestine. In addition, he talked about his participation in the most important arts event in Venezuela.

The activity constitutes one of the two meetings that Karray will have with the Caracas public. This Thursday, October 31, at the headquarters of the Institute for the Arts of Image and Space (Iartes), in the locality of Fine Arts, at 11:00 in the morning, the creator will share his experience as a visual artist in the Middle East with those present, his work in the publishing house, which he qualifies as an act of resistance from art to Zionism; and about his participation in the III Biennial of the South “Peoples in resistance”.

Raouf Karray is presented at the Biennale with the work Child of the Red Cross, which mixes drawing and poetry on handmade paper supports, inspired by the Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish.

The Tunisian artist is one of the more than 80 artists of 19 countries who present their works at the III Biennial of the South, which opened its inaugural exhibition last Friday, October 25, at the Museum of Modern Art “Jesus Soto” in Ciudad Bolivar. In February 2020, the exhibition will arrive in Caracas and then will visit museums in several cities in the country.

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