Defense against unilateralism is the goal of the NAM

One of the great challenges of the Non-Aligned Countries is the defending against protectionism and unilateralism, behavior adopted by governments such as the United States, in order to impose their interests, values ​​and principles on other members of the international society, without taking care that to achieve this the principle of legal equality between States must be violated.

From Baku, Azerbaijan, the head of the delegation of the People’s Republic of China during the XVIII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), stressed that this challenge becomes important and all the countries that make up the NAM should valuate and treat it, without ever losing sight of it.

She stressed that, to address this reality, developing nations must come together and show their strength, “since the Non-Aligned Movement has always significantly contributed to the maintenance of world peace”.

As an observer of the NAM, China has always supported the principles of the multilateral agency. “We believe that the NAM is very important and that it plays a very significant role in international affairs”, said the delegate of China.

“Our world is changing enormously, we have never seen changes of such magnitude in the last century, we see trends of multipolarity, economic globalization, application of technology and cultural diversity. Many changes in the world governance system and in the international order”, he added.

She explained that “to all these multiple challenges, we have to ensure good global governance, in a spirit of consultation, cooperation and benefits for all. We believe that disputes have to be resolved through dialogue and consultation”.

The head of the delegation of the Asian nation, who are called to bet on global cooperation, stressed that “We have to commit to ensuring that economic globalization is open, balanced and that it benefits everyone”, he said.

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted in his speech at the installation of this XVIII Summit that in the face of such a challenge (unilateralism) “the answer lies in international law, in the so-called multilateralism, our struggle without a doubt, is the struggle of millions, our rebellion against the powerful of the world, against the old colonial powers and the hegemon empires, our struggle, our rebellion is the rebellion and the struggle of the peoples of this humanity, who refuse to submit to the designs of a hegemon”.

Temas: Non-Aligned Movement Summit Baku 2019.

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