Vice-minister Yuri Pimentel meets with his counterparts from Kenya and South Africa in Azerbaijan

The Vice-minister for Africa of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Yuri Pimentel, held on Thursday in Azerbaijan, bilateral meetings with Ababu-Terrah Namwamba, Vice-minister for Foreign Relations of Kenya, and Alvin Botes, Vice-minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, in order to strengthen cooperation and solidarity relations with these countries and sisterly nations.

These meetings take place on the eve of the XVIII Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, where Venezuela will deliver the Pro Tempore Presidency to the host nation.

With his counterpart from Kenya, the Venezuelan diplomat addressed the strengthening of bilateral cooperation, in order to move towards the Second Joint Commission on education, tourism and energy.

Likewise, Pimentel and Alvin Botes, Vice-minister of South Africa, reviewed the bilateral cooperation agenda and solidarity between the two peoples at the meeting.

The Venezuelan and South African Vice-ministers have held several meetings this year. At the end of August they met in South Africa and in July they did so in Venezuela, during the ministerial meeting of the NAM, in Caracas, which is a sample of the good diplomatic and commercial relations they maintain.

 Viceministro para África, Yuri Pimentel se reunió con Ababu - Terrah Namwamba, viceministro para Relaciones Exteriores de la República de Kenia en el marco de la Reunión Ministerial del Movimiento de Países No Alineados.

Viceministro para África, Yuri Pimentel se reunió con Alvin Botes, viceministro de Relaciones Internacionales y Cooperación de Sudáfrica para revisar la agenda de cooperación bilateral, en el marco de @MNOAL_NAM y la solidaridad entre ambos pueblos. 

Temas: Non-Aligned Movement Summit Baku 2019.

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