Venezuela strengthens cooperation ties with Russia after visit of ANC President Diosdado Cabello

The president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, is in Moscow, Russia, as part of his bilateral cooperation tour that he has been developing in Asian countries such as Vietnam, North Korea and China, in order to strengthen the cooperation between nations that support Venezuela.

In this regard, Cabello wrote a message on his account of the Instagram social network, @dcabellor, “we are still on the work agenda entrusted by our presiding brother @NicolasMaduro. We are now in Russia where we had a very important meeting with the president of the State Duma, Viacheslav Victovich Volodin”.

The president of the ANC is accompanied by a delegation made up of Marlenys Contreras, constituents and members of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Cabello said that Venezuela is currently facing the greatest imperialist attack in history.

“Today the governments that attack Venezuela face a storm of peoples in rebellion. Only united will we achieve victory before this onslaught of imperialism. We thank you for your participation in the Sao Paulo Forum, recently in Venezuela. That has helped us to carry out a series of activities to continue promoting the unity of social movements at an international level”, he explained.

In the same way, he expressed his satisfaction for the realization of this meeting in which the ties of cooperation between both nations are consolidated.

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