Venezuelan Foreign Ministry strengthens art trench with inauguration of photographic exhibition “Our Job”

People with the intention of working and keep going forward let themselves be portrayed by the lenses of seven Venezuelan photographers, who inaugurated this Thursday the exhibition “Our job”. The Casa Amarilla Antonio José de Sucre lent its open spaces to house the photographs of the Cacri photos collective, which present 21 images of the Venezuelan reality of different latitudes of the national territory, going through the city of Caracas until reaching the plains and the coast, where they photographed a people that day by day face the unilateral coercive measures imposed by US imperialism.

During his inauguration speech, Foreign Minister Arreaza celebrated this wonderful opportunity to appreciate the photographic work of this group that coincides with a new historical date, since precisely this day, Venezuela became member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Again, the peoples of the world and the peoples of the south taught the United States government and its subordinate countries a lesson.

Likewise, the Foreign Minister stressed that “this group of visual artists has portrayed the daily life of Venezuela, the spontaneity that in the case of our country is translated through love and joy, this exhibition is a mirror, a reflection of Venezuelan reality”.

He also added that the objective of Commander Chávez was to achieve a loving society based on work and not a petty society based on the accumulation of capital.

For his part, Giuliano Salvatore said that the main idea of ​​the Cacri Photos collective is to transform into a community in which many photographers feel welcome to show their work thus help in some way to keep building the identity of the Venezuelan people.

Salvatore stressed that “aesthetic, poetic and political matters are not so different. Commander Chávez accomplished a lot with something as simple as adding the love perspective to the political strategy, this became a key to understand why some leftist movements in the continent did not come to power”.

Finally, Giuliano Salvatore stressed that the idea of ​​this exhibition is to synthesize the work of his collective, whose loving perspective portrays the variety and diversity of people who battle daily against a scenario of unilateral coercive measures. Venezuelan society is looking for multiple ways to continue with its social and family dynamics, a people that despite the difficulties is cheerful and creative.

In addition to Salvatore, the Cacri photos collective is composed by photographers Cacica Honta Flores, Darwin Dikó Cañas, Nica Guerrero, Marcelo Volpe, Carlos Foucault Rojas and Maxwell Briceño. In September, during the week in which the 74th session of the UN General Assembly was held, this group had the opportunity to present their work at The People´s Forum Cultural and Educational Center, in New York City, in a space of articulation and mutual solidarity between the struggling peoples in the United States and Venezuela.

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