Plan Vuelta a la Patria continues unstoppable with return of Venezuelans from Chile

Thanks to the management of the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, with the realization of Plan Vuelta a la Patria days, this Saturday landed in Venezuelan territory, a flight from the Republic of Chile, with 90 nationals who longed for the return to the country that saw them born.

Relatives and friends anxiously awaited, at the Maiquetía International Airport “Simón Bolívar”, the reunion with the returnees who stated that being outside their borders prevented them from fulfilling the objectives they had planned, especially in the labor and economic aspect.

They pointed out the difficulty of obtaining a decent job despite having a specific profession, reasons that motivated Venezuelans to return to their homeland.

To date, almost 16,000 nationals have returned to Venezuela through the special days of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria that the Bolivarian Government continues to use by air and land bridge, from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Republic Dominican and Panama, in order to provide protection to the people.

Plan vuelta a la Patria continua indetenible con retorno de Venezolanos desde Chile

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