Venezuelan returnees: Chile was a failed economic and professional bet

Lawyers, doctors, administrators, journalists and other Venezuelan professionals returned to their homeland this Sunday after running out of economic options and not reaching their job and vocational expectations in the Republic of Chile.

With visas in hand, the nationals expressed their dissatisfaction and sadness at the few opportunities for professional practice that this country offered them, even having the regulatory documents.

Marguel Carolina Henriquez Guzmán, 30 year old administrator, said: “Here in Venezuela, I exercised my profession, but in
Chile I was a waitress, a taster in the street and a kitchen assistant, it was definitely not what I was looking for. I come to take back everything I left and to exercise my career”.

The high costs of life, the low temperatures and the notorious cultural difference, were also reasons for the return of young people, contemporary adults and couples enrolled in this new repatriation day.

“Being an immigrant is not a dream for anyone”, said stylist Carla Piñero, explaining that the expectations generated by migrating are very high.

He stressed that it is very complicated to draw a future being a foreigner and that the sacrifice is very expensive. “The most difficult thing is to be away from my home, family, home, the warmth, to miss being loved and valued as a person and human being”.

He added that his children were not in good health due to the weather and that the medications are very expensive. He stressed that it is worth betting on Venezuela. “It’s our country, it’s what we love”.

Meanwhile, 32 year old Karina Blanco, cabin crew and publicist, explained that she and her husband did not find the opportunities they offered so much in Chile. “I hope to grow here economically, which I could not do there, Santiago is a very expensive city, the positive is that I am not afraid of work, I can work on anything here in Venezuela”.

She also noted that she failed to get a seat at school for her young son and so, she was economically and emotionally frustrated.

Another story is that of Arelys Fernández, a 30 year old lawyer. “I went looking for a better future in Chile and found nothing, I miss being a lawyer, I want to stay in my court and never leave home anymore. I return to work for my country”.

The reception at the Maiquetía International Airport was given by the Vice-minister for the Caribbean of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Raúl Li Causi, who on behalf of the Venezuelan government extended a strong welcome hug.

“For us it is a pride to have you in our country, we know that you have gone through difficult conditions but you know that we have a country to build up, now in order not to postpone the reunion with your families, just receive a warm welcome hug everyone”.

After months of waiting, these 90 nationals returned to Venezuela on the fourth activated flight of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria from the Republic of Chile.

A new repatriation day is also planned next week.

Temas: Vuelta a la Patria Inglés.

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