Iran condemns illegal coercive US measures against Venezuela at the UN

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hasán Rohaní, condemned on Wednesday the illegal unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States government on his country and other nations such as Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia.

“How can one believe that the silent murder of a great nation and the pressures for the lives of 83 million Iranians, particularly women and children, are well received by the US government and its officials who boast of these pressures and who exploit the sanctions in a vicious way against a number of countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia”, the Persian president questioned during his speech before the United Nations General Assembly at its seventy-fourth session.

President Rohaní warned that Tehran “will never forget or forgive these misdeeds of these criminals”.

“I come from a country that has resisted the most ruthless economic terrorism and has defended its right to independence and scientific and technological development”, he said in his speech.

The president denounced that the US government has made “great efforts” to deprive Iran from the advantages of participation in the world economy and has resorted to “international piracy” by misusing the international banking system.

“We, Iranians, have been pioneers in the freedom-seeking movements in the region in seeking peace and progress for our nation and our neighbors, we have never surrendered to aggression or foreign impositions”, he said.

President Rohaní announced that his government’s response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative and stressed that “the government and the people will remain firm against the toughest sanctions”.

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